How to advertise with WNP.COM?

Looking for the best way to advertise your cryto project business? is the right place. We provide effective and affordable ads.

Set up your ads in 5 minutes.

Create your account on

Active your account by filling in the verification code we sent to your email. If you failed to receive the letter, please check the correctness of the email address you have specified. We also suggest that you can use reliable email services like Gmail or Hotmail. If still you did not succeed in getting the email, please contact the support team.

Create a new advert

Enter the advert name, and you can choose by cpm or cpc type to create a new advert.

Create a new campaign

Enter your campaign's name and description. We offer text, banner and slide options to create the campaign. You also can create several campaigns in one advert.

Set your campagins

Choose your targeting settings. With our targeting settings, you can set your campaigns' Geo. targeting, device targeting, language targeting and daily budget.

Geo targeting

You may choose regions or countries where the ad will be shown.

You can also exclude some countries.

Device targeting

Your ads can be displayed either on mobile or on desktop devices.

You may also choose that your ad displayed on both desktop and mobile devices.

language targeting

The ads will be displayed in languages you specify.

Top up your main account

Deposit some BTC to your account. You can take the account as a wallet and use the balance to run your campaigns.

Run your ads

Relax and enjoy the traffic and good return.