Publisher approval

When approving websites and checking their quality after the approval we rely on the following criteria. If our prominent or existing publishers fail to comply with them, the Administration of reserves the right to take appropriate measures that comply with Publisher Terms of Service.

The administration of keeps checking the quality of clicks and impressions delivered by existing and prominent publishers by using its own automated and manual anti-fraud mechanisms. Should any violation of the following provisions be found, the Administration will have a right to take measures prescribed in Terms.

Artificial traffic

It is prohibited for publishers to use any artificial or manual ways to get more clicks or impressions on their websites. All clicks and impressions shouldn’t be a result of incentive or encouragement, but should result from the interest of a real visitor. Hence, the Administration prohibits using any kind of software or bots that generate fake clicks, automated clicks or repeated clicks made manually.

Encouraging clicks doesn’t approve websites that encourage users to click on ads or offers a compensation for that. Hence, we deny websites that contain:

  • arrows that direct visitors’ attention to ads;
  • notifications or messages offering compensation to visitors;
  • such phrases as “click on ads”, “support our website”, “visit this link”, “favourite sites”, “hot offer” etc. Still, such phrases, as “Sponsors”, “Advertisements” or similar are allowed.
  • place ads in such a manner that will make them indistinguishable from the rest of the page content

Mandatory requirements

1.1 The website must be in the top 300,000 sites in the Alexa rankings. If it has a good, lively content and the topic of your project suits us. We will relax restrictions to 1,000,000.

1.2 All details entered into about the website must be accurate and up to date.

1.3 You must be the owner or admin for the website.

1.4 The website URL must not be a referral website link that you don't own.

1.5 The content of the website must comply with moral and ethical norms of society.

1.6 The website must not contain or have links to viruses, phishing or any sort of malicious software.

2.3 does not require the confirmation of the product ownership to advertise it.

1.7 The website must not contain any content that violates the intellectual property rights of another person, the legal owner of the content.

1.8 The website must display and function correctly (within reason) in the most commonly used modern web browsers.

1.9 There should be a reasonable ratio of content to adverts on the website - e.g. we will immediately reject any page that just contains adverts, or has a very small amount of useful content

1.10 The website must have its own domain name and not be hosted on a subdomain of hosting domains such as Wix, Blogspot, Wordpress, Yola, Doodlekit, Faucetfly etc.

1.11 The website must not instruct, prompt or deceive the visitor into clicking on adverts.

1.12 Traffic to the website should be organic and not generated by any sort of automated traffic generation system or service. ads are not allowed to be placed on websites containing content that is prohibited. The types of content are referred to prohibited content: adult content, dangerous or derogatory content, illegal drugs and content thereto, violent content, illegal content.

Ad placement

Publishers are allowed to place ads in different ad formats on their websites.

Disabling Publisher account

Publisher account may be disabled under condition that the website doesn’t meet the above mentioned criteria.

The process of banning the website can be with prior warning or without thereof.

If the publisher receives the warning, he should respond to it within 24 hours and within 48 hours fix the problem, specified in the email and also report that the reason is fixed.

If the publisher failed to make the changes, hot specified in the email, the account will be banned and there will be no possibility to recover it.