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Welcome to the fascinating world of Worlds New Places better known as WNP- where we've turned dreams into reality and adventure into a science that results in the rediscovery of hidden treasures and artifacts worldwide, in places where few people dare to go.


For as long as people have existed they dream of discovering lost treasures, hidden artifacts and mythical locations mentioned in folk tales, poetry and captivating stories. Books like Treasure Island, movies like Pirates of the Carribean and the often very partial information we have of the past leaves a lot to our imagination.

WNP is the worlds first and foremost Expert Treasure Recovery Division from The Runa Group (a 100% daughter company of The Holistic Group), working around the world to research, pinpoint, verify, find and process both new and lost archaelogical places.
This provides, in addition to the found locations, treasures and artifacts, a lot of historical insight. In order for this knowledge and understanding of our past not to get lost we employ a full team of professionals that ensure no sites are ravaged or damaged.
(re)discover, locate and revive ‚lost pieces of history, which gives fascinating insight into our past as humans that otherwise may have remained hidden.

Our passion for hidden treasures, archaeological sites and the thrilling histories they tell are as wide as the Earth itself.

To do what we do great we work with a highly professional team consisting of researchers, archaeologists, engineers and recovery experts. They are supported by our technical department with many high-tech tools that include metal detectors, ground radars, IR detectors, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), a number of manned vehicles depending on the terrain and area we find ourselves in, underwater equipment, and a full archaeological field laboratory.

Our experts have over the years looked at hundreds of sites, spent over 20.000 hours researching sites, and participated in six expeditions which took place in Russia, Sweden, Greece and Romania.

Among other results, we discovered in 2010 a previously unknown Viking village in Sweden and we currently are in the process of excavation in cooperation with one of Swedens main universities. In Greece and Romania we discovered 231 items of Byzantine coins, art, tablets and other, which were donated to the respective governments. In one of the Greek seas we further found a shipwreck that was undiscovered so far and for which we are now in the process of obtaining permission for excavation.

We currently have two projects ongoing in Asia and the Carribean, and we plan to let our followers share in the excitement of finding hidden treasures by making parts of recovered and released treasures, artefacts and contextual information available to collectors, students and the general public through an online store. In January 2015, when all excavations in the above projects are concluded, we expect to open an online shop and to set up a WNP museum to exhibit the more exciting finds we made. The museum will also provide detailed information about the historical context of the finds, making it a must-see for children and adults alike.

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